What crosses your mind when you hear the word design? You must feel like painting on a canvas with all the beautiful colors that you love. But, when we are talking about the digital world, graphic designing takes more than creative ideas. It is more serious work involving a lot of minute details. Are you searching for a creative and qualified graphic designer who can represent your brand with a dash of design? Before searching for the best graphic design agency, be aware of what not to look for. Graphic designing is a serious work involving so many aspects. Your designer has to research your brand tonality before reflecting it through their work. And the same rules apply to any agency all over the world. For example, if you are searching for the best graphic design company in the US you have to identify the common mistakes most designers make in today’s marketplace. Common Mistakes A Graphic Designer Makes Whether you are a start-up owner or a well-established brand looking for a designer, you need some clarity. So, let’s look through these critical mistakes to watch out for. Not Understanding the instructions of the clients First of all, the communication between the designer and the client needs to be very clear. While it is your responsibility to provide informative and clear instructions, it’s also the designer’s call to ensure they have understood everything. It’s always a good sign when a design agency is over-communicating with you. Staying In The Box While thinking out-of-the-box might be an overrated thing. It doesn’t mean that it’s pointless. A major graphic design mistake is sticking to the well-traveled routes and not taking the risk to explore more. Graphic design is a creative process. A successful designer never fears trying something weird or crazy while still connecting with the brand tonality. Everything might not be a success but it’s never okay not to try! A designer who dares to take the less-traveled route mostly wins. Having Too Many Fonts Playing with fonts is always fun. But it’s never ok to flood the creative with too many variations. A visual that has too many font types will easily annoy the viewers. Your graphic designer should always have a neat and clean layout and visual elements. It’s better to stick to just one or maybe two variations. So whenever you are searching for the best graphic designer in Australia or any other country, always make sure to check their portfolio first. Browsing through their previous work will give you an overall idea of their creative abilities. Overdoing Everything Just because one can add something to the design doesn’t mean one should. Simplicity always has its spark. Even being crazy should have a tone of subtleness. Over-designing might cause some serious chaos and your posts, designs will lose engagement soon. It is always better to take your time to find the right designer who can understand your brand’s needs and play along with the design trends. Even when you are searching for the best graphic design agency in Dubai or any other developed country, make sure to watch out for these common mistakes.